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A datastick on the surface of Jarilo.

Datasticks are information storage devices that can be found in the ruins of the Vanguard ships throughout the Zorica system. They can contain communication records, news articles, literature excerpts, and other texts that originate with the Vanguard fleet, on the Rodina, or all the way back on Earth itself. Directly or indirectly, these datasticks flesh out the world and history of the human species in Rodina.

When found, datasticks appear as a transparent yellow octohedron overlapping a transparent pink cube. When collected, they can be read and then added to the Archives. To review the information contained in a collected datastick, the player needs only to visit the Archives.

Many datasticks come in sequences, with each datastick collected containing a part of the complete document. Each datastick sequence will be found in one location only: the asteroid belt, Jarilo, Perun, Morena, or Veles. Once every sequence found in a given location has been completed, no more datasticks will be found in debris sites at that location. Once at least one part of a sequence has been collected, it can be checked in the Scanners to see what location it originates from.

There is another form of datastick, which appears alongside normal datasticks at debris sites you visit as you progress through the game. These datasticks contain no messages themselves, but instead decrypt more of the encrypted communications on the Pilot Wave Radio.

Asteroid belt datasticks

  • A Traveling Child's First ABCs [1 piece]
  • Anomalies in the signal feed - let me know what you think [3 pieces]
  • Arise! [1 piece]
  • At the spaceport [3 pieces]
  • Memo to All Parents, Teachers, and Caretakers [1 piece]
  • The Inhumanity of Automatons - A Transcribed Interview [2 pieces]
  • What I Think About That [5 pieces]

Jarilo datasticks

  • Intro to Space Sciences - 2nd Grade Edition [1 piece]
  • Local Woman Wins Fifteenth Annual Culinary Competition [1 piece]
  • Notes From Terranova Research Concerning Diaconium [2 pieces]
  • Remarks Made During the Funeral Of Florian Fyodorov [1 piece]
  • Terraforming For Dummies [4 pieces]
  • Upstairs-Downstairs Services Inc. Official meeting record [3 pieces]
  • Xenos - Fact or Fiction [2 pieces]

Perun datasticks

  • Idris Kennedy - Personal Logs and Effects [4 pieces]
  • In Defense of the Same [4 pieces]
  • Psych eval results for Mila (plus shopping list) [5 pieces]
  • Rodina-Bradford Ship to Ship Transmission Logs [3 pieces]
  • Runaway [4 pieces]
  • Signals Command - Public Duty Log [2 pieces]
  • Speech Transcript - 275th annual 'Stay the Course' gala [3 pieces]

Morena datasticks

  • An Intimate Academic Evening with Malcom McCreedy [5 pieces]
  • F-A Daily Chronicle Coverage - Molten Alloy and Torn Lace [2 pieces]
  • Grinding Terror - A Young Adult Horror Compilation [3 pieces]
  • Mother Goose's New Tales for Traveling Children [4 pieces]
  • Status report PAST DUE - please explain [5 pieces]
  • Transmission Logs - Satellite Monitoring Base 42634-C [4 pieces]
  • Wagon Master Election - Official Results [4 pieces]

Veles datasticks

  • A Traveling Child's Guide to Holidays [1 piece]
  • Global Bosonic Product Sales Patter Cheat-Sheet [3 pieces]
  • Open Casting Call - Refractive Entertainment [2 pieces]
  • The Protocol [6 pieces]
  • URGENT - No More Racing!! [3 pieces]
  • Vanguard Lottery Announced [3 pieces]