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A Diaconium crystal cluster on an asteroid.

Diaconium is a precious and rare mineral used to power limnal drives. It forms randomly in asteroids in the form of crystals. It has a white color, streaked with sliver; it is also soft to the touch, and has a slight warmth to it. Diaconium also has the following properties:

  • No odor.
  • Tastes faintly of lemons.
  • Is not conductive.
  • Exposure to extreme high heat does not affect the chemical structure.
  • Can be cut fairly easily with plasma torch. Interior homogeneous with exterior.
  • Exposure to sonic vibration at very high wavelength causes sample to emit visible light.
  • Exposure to water yields no interesting effects.
  • Exposure to various concentrated acids and bases yields no interesting effects
  • Exposure to high explosive yields no interesting effects.
  • Ingesting a small quantity leads to no ill effects, except a slight pain while urinating.
  • Slowly decays; small samples left alone can disappear completely if given enough time