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Xeno is a collective name for all extraterrestrial creatures, and, more specifically, the hostile race (or races) that inhabit(s) the Zorica system. Throughout most of human history, the belief in Xenos was widely discredited.

There are two main Xeno groups: the White and the Undying. The White are named so because they are a coalition of many different alien species, and white is all colors combined. At least one race has a beak, at least one with a flesh mouth, and at least one with no mouth. Their messages primarily use purple, yellow and cyan colors. The Undying are a coalition of several races, united by a single religion involving ascension and prayer. It is unknown if one, many, or all of the races are actually undying and immortal. They use communications of brown, green and yellow colors.

Records of intercepted Xeno messages can be found here.

Xeno Starship Types

Xeno Scout

Xeno Bomber

Xeno Sphere

Xeno Cruiser

Elite Variants

At least two types of Xeno ships (the Scout and the Bomber) have Elite variants. These Elite ships leave pink trails instead of the usual green, and have higher health, damage output, and fire rate than the normal versions.