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Welcome to the Official Rodina Wiki!

Rodina is a procedural space game created by Brendan Anthony. Released in early access on December 13, 2013, Rodina supports numerous game features such as a full scale solar system, 4 planets, 50 large scale asteroids and over 45,000 smaller asteroids orbiting the star Zorica. Along with seamless transitions from space to a planet's surface, a major focus of Rodina is the lack of loading screens to provide an immersive experience.

Common Topics

Feature list:

  • Full-scale, procedural solar system

4 full-size planets, 50 randomized major asteroids, something like 45,000 minor asteroids, and one enormous star!

  • Seamless planet landings

Fly straight down to a planet surface from orbit, get out, and walk around

  • Combat with alien ships

Several different alien ship types, and 5 different weapon types, including heat-seeking missiles

  • Customizable ship interiors

Easily personalize your ship’s layout and share your design with other players

  • A Story and Background fiction

As told through books, emails, and logs

  • Cockpit mode

Control your ship from 1st person in the pilot's seat, or 3rd person behind the ship

  • Ship fires

Extinguish fires ablaze in your ship from damage or risk destruction

  • More features to come

Click here to view the developers Road map